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[Bug report] UI glitches (NO SPOILERS)






Since 1.03 I encountered a variety of bugs with the UI.

  • The first looted item per game state appears in the following loot tables. There it will move from the "loot all" symbol to the "stash" symbol in 1 second where it disappears (It was "Living Wood" for me)
  • Some item icons don't scale properly. I have found the axe "Hearth Harvest" i.e. which is taking twice the space of an inventory spot: UIgLvgE.png

Additionally, when I reload the game the hunter pet is not with the party but appears in another place on the map. Happened once so far.

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Druid wildstrike really only adds 25% more damage (tooltip says 30%), and with Greater Wildstrike it adds a total of 35% more damage (tooltip for Greater Wildstrike says it should add another 15%).


It should read:


Druid Wildstrike: +25% more damage

Greater Wildstrike: +9% more damage


Either that or buff wildstrike -- either way it's important to fix lying tooltips.


Dexterity: really only adds 2.25% attack speed per point (tooltip reads 3%).

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