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A seperate sub forum for modding

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Having a dedicated modding forum would be good, with sub-forums if it gets popular enough.  Move the Unity Engine aspect from the Character Building section to Modding, as the current setup is an odd mix.  After all, modders are more likely to talk about issues concerning Unity than character builders would.

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(But yeah, unfortunately, a Weidu successor seems unlikely due to Unity.)

Unity is not modding unfriendly - Where does this flawed myth comes from? The engine is very moddable - As moddable as the developers will let you make it.

Right, I don't mean that Unity is unfriendly, I just mean that it's complicated in comparison to IE (with its lists and tables), and that it's not owned by Obsidian - so we're not about to get something as fantastic as Weidu. I have no doubt things will develop nicely, though.

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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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Aren't you guys a bit too eager for mods?

The game is not even stable yet.


Modders are always eager to start early, because modding takes a while and we want to release something in the game's lifetime. ;) 


I had a few item ideas even before the game came out, but now that we know much more about the lore and world...tons of ideas for enemies, creatures, quests and items.  :dancing:

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