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Women's Gymnastics

Child of Flame

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You know gymnastics were so much better when there was really something at stake.  Bring in a bull and see how many of these athletes can hop over the top without getting gored to death.  Make gymnastics a bloodsport again!  That's my vote.  ;)


That doesn't sound very Christian...


Sure it is! The Christians have a proud history of being used in bloodsport in the Roman collosseum. :ph34r:

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Hmm...they don't look like freaks to me. A lot of the girls/women at college are very petite, and I doubt all of them are gymnysts... Just because you're five feet tall doesn't make you a frreak. A third arm growing out of your back, 22 toes, or red hair and having a tan makes you a freak.


Nah I agree, they all look adolescent despite being at the end of puberty.

There are none that are right, only strong of opinion. There are none that are wrong, only ignorant of facts

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One of the Romanians -was- only 13 or 14, I heard. Of course, they have to neglect schooling to get good enough to participate in the Olympics. I'm not quite sure thirty seconds of fame is worth the beating your body takes and the utter disuse of the superior human organ.

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