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Fan-Fiction Simulator

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Pillars of Eternity strongly resembles a fan-fiction browser.


The very first tavern you encounter in Gilded Vale is a perfect example of this - apart from the shop keeper and one other character who appears after you complete a quest, both of whom have little to say, it contains only two fan-fiction vending-machines. There is not a single character of interest in the place!


The problem is that I don't care about the "spirit memories" or whatever they're actually called. They have absolutely nothing to do with the story, they're only loosely related to the setting, they don't involve my character in any way and they're dispensed for the mere cost of a single click so they're not even rewarding.


Please tell me that later areas in the game are better. Please tell me that there are interesting characters in later towns and taverns - ones that are actually worth speaking to.

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Just keep doing quests, really. Companions are really cool, dungeons are fun to explore and one can easily ignore the backer NPCs (which is exactly what those characters with little stories are).


Really, you are not even a an hour into the game, just relax and see for yourself ehat the game has to offer you.

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Yes, I knew that the yellow NPCs were backers, hence the term "fan fiction"... but I can't seem to find any that AREN'T backers. Seriously, not just in the inn, in the whole starting hub!


I wish there was an option to hide them but I wonder if it wouldn't turn the place into a ghost town...


(The Friendly Arm Inn is a bit of an own-goal. First, you have to fight for your very life simply to reach the door, and safety, and then you discover two friends inside who help you for the rest of the game. Also, it isn't the first Inn in BG1, there's one in Candlekeep too. Upstairs, you can get more quests, and it is a venue to which I often returned throughout the game on my way to and from places nearby.)

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