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A question about body armor's DR

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Sorry for the somewhat noob question but could someone explain to me how DR exactly works?


For example, I have a Plate Mail with DR12, but inside the brackets it's written (Slash:15, Pierce:15, Shock:6). So, the actual DR for slash and pierce is 15, but since 15+15+6=36, 36/3=12, it is treated as a DR12 level armor overall? Also, does that mean that for example Pallegina's Fine Breastplate DR10 (Pierce:13, Burn:9, Freeze:9) doesn't protect against slash at all? One more thing. Let's say that the armor has a "Fine" enchantment. Is the +2 bonus DR included in the description or not? As far as I can tell after putting it on and looking at the stats, the answer is "yes"? And finally, do robes which have DR5 protect against everything?


Thank you in advance.

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Maybe someone more qualified should answer, but I'm fairly certain I understand how it works. So the main DR is the one that is used if nothing else is specified. So if an armor have 15 DR but (pierce 5) then 15 is used for all dmg except for piercing dmg.

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I wish they would just list the DR for each type of damage instead of giving a general DR number and then breaking down the exceptions.  There would be less potential for confusion.

I disagree - having the DR that is used by default makes sense to me. Listing exceptions keeps it much cleaner because otherwise you'd have long, cluttered lists for every damage time.

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