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Anyway, I am investigating the punk(s we were sent to find by stronghold psycho... eventually got to me the guy who supposedly turned us into the chosen one aka The Watcher. He goes all psycho and gets all the super crazies and golems to attack us. We kill them in self defense then  proceed normal.. the guards and other patients are neutral. we confront the witchdoctor who was doing experiments and told him we're gonna tell on him ('cause i am mr. honest) anyways he gets mad and attack.. go to leave.. the two other animancers in basement + assistnt are still  non hostile... however, go to top floor and everything there is now hostile (and weak).


so.. is this some sort of bug or is it supposed to happen this way b/c we ended up killing patients and/or the experimenter 9the statue guy did ask us not to to 'pole' the patients but most of the patients. If this a  bug it sucks.. if it's the way it's scripted to work  ouch seems  weird since the guys in the basement are still on my good side..


i did notice the detective people seem to know about what happens there  (not exact details). also, animancers just outside of building also aren't hostile.. just the ones on top floor.. hmmm


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Hey Volourn,


After completing The Man Who Waits (Subdue Uscgrim) the player can speak to Azo and threaten to expose him to Ethelmoer. Azo will attack the player. If the player performs a Save/Load after defeating Azo in this manor Freyol and the Patients in the cafeteria area will respawn. It is possible for hostile characters to still be in the area which starts a fight between the hostile Flesh Golems and the Patients. This act will hostile the entire Sanitarium against the player (even the upstairs). We are going to try and have a fix for an upcoming update.

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