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Confident Aim - How Does it Work? (Does it Work?)

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1) yes, I've seen it in the combat log. You have to click on the entry to see it, and since it doesn't apply to every hit, there is some luck involved. Applicable entries will have something to the effect of, "Hit (some info about the roll) [Graze -> Hit. Confident Aim]. (Info about the damage)"

2) Per the description "minimum damage" (the specific thing) is increased by 20%. In other word, when you hit something for a Graze or when enemy DR eats most of the hit, a value called "minimum damage" is applied. Confident Aim boosts that number, not the minimum range of damage your weapon does. You'll never see it on the character sheet, only in the combat log (and only when you connect for minimum damage).


EDIT: Screenshot of MIN damage being applied




Screenshot of Graze being converted to a Hit



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