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Difficulty Compared to D: OS

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I'm just getting back into single-player RPG's...I'm so out of practice.  How is the difficulty of this game compared to Divinity: Original Sin?  Is combat easier or harder?  Is it less or more difficult to figure out where to go for quests?  Which has the most advanced character development with the greatest chance to create a worthless build?



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here the combat is very player skill dependant, if you're good, you will do fine.

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It really depends, since difficulty in both D:OS & POE are very very variable on what kind of player you are, what characters you build, and in what order you go places. 


But both have Easy difficulty which is pretty forgiving and both let you create pretty powerful characters, so just jump in with either.

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From what I can tell, they're somewhat similar.


D:OS had a couple character options which made the game super duper easy (may have been patched/rebalanced since then).

PoE doesn't have anything like that, that I've found, but once you understand some of the basics of combat and positioning the game gets significantly easier.



PoE is probably a bit more forgiving with your build. You can dump points randomly and still be functional, if not efficient.

In D:OS your abilities could simply fail to work if your stats weren't right.


That said, I think that D:OS has more robust character creation. It's a classless system where anyone can do anything, and I love them for that.

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