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Equipping/Leveling Stronghold Companions

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For the companions you send on the side/solo adventures, is there any benefit in giving them good equipment or leveling them up, or are they just warm bodies to assign?

I let them have some gear but I really don't think it affects anything. I remember once sending a level 1 recruited adventurer on a stronghold mission and it worked just as well as a leveled up extra companion. Though at that point I was kind of playing dress up the dolls with all the extra gear and cash that was laying around, as in I was just cycling though characters and giving them stuff before visiting the merchant to dump my loot.


As for disappearing equipment, they do seem to lose stuff in the quick slots and backpack. Not sure if it goes to stash or just vanishes since I only noticed it once and have since made it a point to strip companions of quick slot items and backpack gear.

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