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Some people argue this game is easy on hard while other thought the easy mode is not an easy mode. Through my gameplay I can safely said these issue is pretty much about party level and the level enemy AI they facing. Side quest seem to give a lot exp but most enemy/monster level in the area especially ACT1,2 does not balance from it. What if someone decide to drop most side quest and just roaming around or just looking for encounter or feel want to dive into Od Nua will find it quite hard even on easy difficulty, while others like me finishing most quest has given me around lvl 9 end up a cakewalk into Od Nua without much effort, rush bum to enemy without casting mage/priest spell mostly. 


Make the enemy/monster level change dynamically base on the player current level, or spread the monster/enemy level as if 30% in current act is lower than party level, 30% around party level, 30% is more than party level. 


Easy : 30% below, 30% same, 30% above

Hard:  10% below, 40% same, 50% above

PotD: 10% same, 90% above


or what ever it is to balance between quest, party level and enemy/monster stats.


The cyclopedia beastiary need info of type: beast, vessel, primo, spirit, wilder into the stat at least.

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