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[Bug] Barbarian "Blooded" skill does not work



Hi, have an issue with blooded skill has no effect for my character.

I chosed a Fire Godlike character and a Blooded skill at lvl 3,

When my endurance is below 50% I am getting bonuses from Fire Godlike (damage resistance and fire burn) but not blooded bonus.
In the character description I see
Active effects:
Battle Forged: +4 damage reduction 
Blooded X 1.2 damage while endurance below 50%
other effects

But nothing changed with my damage output

Seems a bug, maybe connected that a Fire Godlike does not work with blooded as they both should work when endurance is below 50%


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I tested it and it seems to work, but UI is broken.


I tested it in camp. I gave my self god-mode using IE mod (for testint) and doing damage to calisha (she is immortal somehow so perfect) and at the beginning of fight Blooded triggers (on full health, just beginning of fight) and in active effect showing 1.25 bonus damage.


However my damage was about 7-12.


Then I let my character drop to below 50% Endurance and I gave him God-Mod again. This locks him in his current HP so now I was testing damage with perma-blooded effect.


In Active effect Blooded was still there, however now it was showing 1.45 damage bonus! So below 50% it triggered 0.2 damage bonus in Active Effects.


My melee damage on Calisha went up to about 9-15.


So from this testing it seems to work just fine, however whole UI proccess when it triggers and how it is shown in Active Effects seems to be bugged.

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