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Hirelings permanently hostile.



My Stronghold was attacked by Drakes and some Xaurips, including a Priest. I'm not entirely sure what happened during the chaotic fight but afterwards, my hirelings were hostile to me, possibly because I hit them with a spell by accident or because something converted them. The problem is that now all hirelings are hostile forever, no matter what I do, except one who shouldn't even exist (I killed him during the fight, yet there he is inside the main hall).


Dismissing and reaquiring hirelings doesn't help and some of them don't dissapear anyway: Any new people I hire are instantly and permanently hostile, attacking me on sight in my own stronghold. Saving and reloading doesn't help, resting doesn't help and changing location doesn't help (eg. to the nearby woods and back), so it appears this permanently breaks hirelings in my game.


Thankfully, I'm the paranoid type in these games, so I have a save just before the fight where everything should be working and a save where all of them are hostile.


Save before the fight: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4cgud8ntjqcroi/d568948bddf24835b65e37d10c27b33c%2017644051%20Brighthollow.savegame?dl=0


Save after the fight: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5y1f6zk8myphvf/d568948bddf24835b65e37d10c27b33c%2017808932%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0


I suspect that hirelings are either counted as a faction you cannot otherwise interact with or a single unit, so attacking one will permanently aggro all of them, even ones you haven't hired.


System specs shouldn't really matter on this one, I wonder if someone out there is willing to attempt to replicate it (eg. fireball a hireling or something)?

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I'm having the same problem.

I don't know if I used an AoE attack at some point in my stronghold or not, but, just wandering around my grounds I run into hirelings that attack me on sight. I don't know if, when I kill them, they are permanently gone or if, upon rehiring them, they remain hostile (in which case, maybe they're looking for revenge?),


Regardless, it's mildly annoying.

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