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There seems to be missing some classic potions which would do well in this game.

especially missing are things like potions of master thievery, which would at least boost trap disarm skills, lockpick and stealth.  should be able to make this potion as a level 2 potion.

hell, there are traps even on the first level of the endless paths that cannot be disarmed by a rogue with level 5 mechanics!

also, maybe be able to make potions of invisibility.  again, probably should be a level 2 potion.

some diversity at higher potion levels would be good too.  there are so very few, and they actually do so very little for the effort and materials needed.

scroll making seems to have gotten much more attention.

....also... traps on hard are BRUTAL.  just fyi for thems that don't know... yet.

even a level 2 trap can do over 100 damage on hard.  in fact, it looks to me like ALL traps do over 100 damage on hard.  that might even be a bug.

YOUR traps, OTOH, rarely do over 20 damage.


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My main issue with abilites, potions and auto attack is that they share a single cd. potion loose their emergency consumable status

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Yeaaah, you NEED to have a mechanic for those traps on hard imo.

Haven't used any potions or scrolls and such yet so can't comment on that. I never use them unless I get forced into a corner and I need a power-up to win.

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