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How do YOU start encounters? (tanking question)

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So far, down in the first underground dungeon tanking is a bit difficult. some teleport, which I know is unavoidable, and smash my wizard and cipher, alot they just don't wanna stick to my tank. I try to bottleneck in doorways etc but just overall I'm still trying to figure out the best way to engage in this game.


What's your opening strategy? My party is custom fighter tank and cipher, plus the two NPCs.


What's your reaction to a mob that goes aggro on a wizard etc?


Should I try and hit each guy once with tank? Or just send him in solo for a few seconds?

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You can have a party of 6 when at the first dungeon if you hire a merc at the inn for 250 gold.


That should help.


If the shadow gets behind your line, you have to burn it down quick and/or cc it.  I believe at 4th level the cipher gets a handy spell to help with that situation.

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If the dungeon you are talking about is the story mandated one wih tons of shades before it you can get a party of 5 if you are going by only ingame characters. 


Your Main, a Fighter, a Mage, a Priest and a Chanter


First Village: Fighter, Mage

Magran's Fork: Priest

Outside of dungeon: Chanter

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