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Solo Adra Dragon in hardmode with a cipher

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S/L is needed, and the most difficult part of this battle is the wondering model size of Adra Dragon, she looks giant and fat, but she's actual size is much smaller, so sometimes she can just pass through traps like there is nothing and kill you.


Here is the preparation you needed: a level 11+ Cipher, learned Mind Wave, Mind Lance and Mind Plague, a nice blunderbuss, a petrify trap, though seems no merchant sells it, you can get one by disarm traps in dungeons, Mechanics 9 is required. Also you need Potion of power, potion of eldritch aim, 1 or 2 summon item, and foods!


Set the trap first, you can figure the spot by yourself(because of the wondering model size) ,  I recommend lure boss out along the bottom edge. After talk to Adra dragon the combat start

immediately, you may get killed instantly by it's wondering breath attack,  if you are still alive, then run hurry to the trap, summon and let summons wait at the left side, then quaff potion of eldritch aim and potion of power, wait for boss to step on your trap, load your save game if the trap is not result a Hit or Crit. After boss is petrified, control your summons to the top right so they can stop minion casters, then cast Mind Lance rapidly to the boss, switch to Mind wave if Focus is not enough, Adra dragon should be killed if all attack hit or graze.



After Adra dragon is dead, use blunderbuss to attack xuarip to regain focus, then cast Mind Plague on enemy casters, the rest should be easy.

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