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This is only theorycrafting but anyway;


OK so lets get serious here, rods are pretty underwhelming compared to guns. Their single target damage isn't that great and even though Blast can penetrate DR, its damage is not as impressive as Carnage or any of your AoE spells or any other AoE something.


So yes, I'm thinking, Wizard with a Gun.


I mean lets get serious, in one hand a blunderbuss, in another a grimoire. Badass, am i rite? Since Guns do way more damage than sissy wands, it'll probably help the Wizard's damage output somewhat.


Well the other thing is, that also frees up 2 talent slots, which can probably go into much more useful talents like Scion of Flame or Marksman. Any thoughts though?

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Taking a note from Minsc's book and adapting it to the setting my strategy was basically guns for everyone. Before some of my companions bugged out and I had to improvise, only Eder didn't have a gun of some sort, while my cipher PC was 50\50 on a gun\sword depending on the width of the bottleneck I could get enemies into. Kana, Aloth, Durance, and Mother went in guns blazing. With the gunner song it was basically a massacre. 


As far as I'm concerned there's no reason not to use guns. When he got his hands on his first fine pistol, Aloth forgot all about flimsy wands and became an arcane gunslinger and not regretted it for a moment.

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If you think your wizard looks swaggy with a gun, let him use a gun. All the power to you. Your wizard will always be most effective when casting spells, but what weapon he uses when he isn't casting is mostly a matter of personal preference.

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