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too high ranger healt?



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my rogue and druid have significantly more health than they should. rogue has around 4.5x health compared to endurance, and druid has around 5.5x. i don't know why or what happened. probably the same bug.


this is a MAJOR bug. they really better fix it in a patch quickly, and make it recalculate so it fixes our save games not just new games. please. thanks. i hope.


i also have the bug where my elf lost its racial ability from the active abilities list. they need to like completely recalculate all the stats for everyone's characters next patch based on what it should be from the fundamentals like class/race/level and talents/abilities picked, then add on item modifications after.

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wow thanks DocDoomII. following the advice in the other thread i removed the 2 bugged people from my party and re-added them, and it fixed their health. (at least within a small rounding error, like the issue i reported in my stat rounding bug thread a few minutes ago).

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