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Aloth The Undead



I met Aloth in his usual spot and let him join my team. Then we went to this abandoned temple under Gilded Vale.

Aloth died there, from a container trap (near bells). I continued my quest.

Few hours later (rest in the meantime) I went to Inn in Gilded Vale.  Aloth was standing in front of it. What a surprise! In a strange spot but still...

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Maybe it's a feature!


Do you have a save soon after Aloth died and one where you found him again that you could provide for the developers?

I play on Path of the Damned difficulty. I can provide this one. It was today at all.

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There is an Aloth dies bug, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nphWpgm-SLc

Cail The Silent- The drake coils its body protectively around something. "One day I will become a burning thing. Bright and terrible like my spark."
Quest "Cinders of Faith"
Sagani- Sagani chuckles. "Nothing against these stuffy forests, but you haven't seen the southern lights over Naasitaq."
Quest "The Long Hunt"

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