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  1. Second answer. Word "na" is missing. I guess there should be "jednego osobnika" instead of "jednej osobniczki".
  2. image hosting adult "Chodzą pogłoski, że nie można ci zaufać w pełni obowiązków" This sentence is senseless. Please remove a word "obowiązków" or change whole sentence.
  3. image hosting over 10mb Second answer. There should be "to" instead of "te".
  4. I play with this feature enabled and noticed that you don't have to die at all. Even after all you characters are unconscious there is a few seconds "gap" that is long enough for you to get to options screen and quit to main menu. You can load your save and try again. There should be no option to quit a game during fight. I don't know whether it's possible but this would fix that exploit. Great game
  5. I play on Path of the Damned difficulty. I can provide this one. It was today at all.
  6. I met Aloth in his usual spot and let him join my team. Then we went to this abandoned temple under Gilded Vale. Aloth died there, from a container trap (near bells). I continued my quest. Few hours later (rest in the meantime) I went to Inn in Gilded Vale. Aloth was standing in front of it. What a surprise! In a strange spot but still... image upload no size limit
  7. postimage.org Thanks. Got Steam version and found a couple of translation bugs. (Second paragraph, should be "duszy" not "duszą"). (First word in description is "wyłowany" and should be "wywołany"). (Third paragraph. Second sentence. "Wampir" instead of "fampyr".
  8. Got two minor bugs to report but I can't upload JPEG's of it. Any idea why? (Got Flash,Upload bar reaches 100% and shows "Error This upload failed").
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