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[Request] Show Carnage AoE and Damage in description

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Playing a barbarian, loving it.


I do wish the Carnage ability description was more informative, though. I have no idea how much damage it does or how big of an AoE it hits. And I don't trust the wiki because it's wrong or outdated most of the time (at the moment - I suspect it'll get gradually cleaned up).


Any chance this could be added in a future patch? Seems like an oversight, given how informative most ability descriptions are.

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I think I've heard fairly authoritatively that it is affected by INT. I'm really curious about the damage, because as of right now I have literally no idea how that works. Last I heard it was 1-6 slashing damage, which isn't what it is any more (because that was terrible). And now they're apparently buffing it again - which is great! Long live the Barbarian! :)


But I'd like to know how much they buffed it by. :p

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no idea about the range ( not sure how they could show it - maybe add a cleave action button (like the one for activated/modal abilities) that would display cleave range when hovered over)


as to the damage mechanics - what is obvious from the combat log each cleave in range makes a separate toHit roll vs each target with -10 accuracy penalty .. The damage inflicted probably has a set % damage modifier (damage reduction)..  Each cleave must fend against the full DR of the target ( not sure how DR ignoring bonuses from weapons (didn't get to test it yet), I'm assuming it would transfer to cleave attacks as well ).. Because each cleave rolls separately from the main attack - some cleaves do end up doing more damage than the main attack ( main attack grazes  -  cleave hits (can cleave attacks crit ?) ) ..


Another (obvious) thing to keep in mind - if the main attack misses - no cleave attacks process - so when given the option aim for the easiest to hit target (deflection wise ) ..   


Does weapon range affect cleave area of effect ? ( think pikes & quarterstaffs)

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