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Infinite Gold Merchant Reputation Bug in Twin Elms



I searched and couldn't find anyone else mentioning this bug. Could use some help confirming it, since what I think triggers it (getting to Hero with Twin Elms) takes a long time.


Look at this screenshot and I think you can tell what's happening. Full description below.





In my game some merchants in the Hearthsong district in Twin Elms are buying items for way more than they are worth, to the point that selling to them and buying back makes a profit.


Different merchants are paying different amounts of gold. Derwn and Masden are paying 5.75x stated value for items (e.g. 11k for a 2k item). Tamra and Rhanet are paying 2.5x stated value (e.g. 5k for a 2k item). Iwen is giving the correct amount.


This behavior continues after reloading the save or relaunching the game. I checked my earlier saves, and only Rhanet was buying for more than the item's stated value. For the rest of the merchants, the change occurred after whatever triggers them to stop gouging you for being an outsider. I think that occurs when you reach Hero reputation with Twin Elms. In my last save before that change, the merchants were buying for the stated value. After that they started buying for more.


I checked other merchants in Guilded Vale, Caed Nua, Copperlane, and Dyrford and didn't find any buying for more than the stated price.



- achieve Hero reputation with Twin Elms

- sell item to Derwn

- buy item back for less than you sold it

- repeat




Merchant text after change



Zip of save with bug, and output log of selling and buying back once

Zip of save before bug

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