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Im considering godlikes and would like to know what helmets are in the game. I've not played very far, but I recall the following:


Kanahat +1 Intellect

hermit (?) +1 might

the early one with +1 resolve & +1 perception.


What else is there? Unfortunately the wiki is incomplete.

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The Dunryd Demon: +2 Int (Defiance Bay merchant [Cartugo?])

Munacra Arret: +15 Will, Grants Whisper of Treason (DB merchant Sonild)

Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak: +2 Res -1 Int (DB merchant Sonild)

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Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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According to what little is in the wiki, which may have been changed, there is also:


Pylgrim's Lasting Vigil  + 1 Resolve, + 1 Intellect
Stag Helm +2 Athletics, +1 Dexterity
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if you are willing to attack backer NPCs ive found that quite a few of them drop decent helms, i got more enchanted helms killing 5 npcs than i had found anywhere for the rest of the game


Interesting! Had no idea they drop enchanted gear.


Nonetheless, it seems like godlikes are not missing out on anything huge this far.

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