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Hello! First of all, love this game so far.


I am now exploring the depths of Caed Nua and just got down to level 5 of the dungeon. Now over the course of my journey, I have come across many beasts and other creatures out to kill me. Ofcourse, I won't go down without a fight so I engaged all those enemies.


My problem there is, I have auto paused enabled on the "Weapon Ineffective" situation. This however happens basically on every single fight I am in multiple times. Now I wonder, and I like my chars to keep their main weapon and use it as much as possible, how to deal with this. 


Am I doing something wrong here, should I go and read every beastiary in order to engage with proper weapons? To be honest, I do not like the idea of changing weapons each time I go into a new fight , is this somehting that is really required?



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There are two reasons you're going to get "weapon ineffective." One, the beast's DR is so high damage isn't getting through. Two, the beast's Deflection is so high you're not scoring any hits.


If it's the former, use weapons or talents that do DR bypass (Penetrating Shot, Vulnerable Attack, stiletto, mace, estoc), or spells that reduce enemy DR.


If it's the latter, use spells and abilities that debuff enemy Deflection (Reveal Vulnerabilities, Curse of Blackened Sight etc) or buff your Accuracy (Holy Radiance, paladin auras etc). The latter will help with the former also as you'll score fewer Grazes and more Hits and Crits, which means more damage, which means more of it will beat the DR.

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