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  1. This was a tough quest, I actually did not know what to do and as of today I am still not sure whether I did the right thing (let the girl go to kill her uncles line, I killed the Skaen cultists and their leader and killed the two guys in the broken tower in Dyrford). I have no clue whether I did the right thing here (if you can speak of right/wrong in this particular quest) but I did feel the girl had to live on because she did nothing wrong in the end. Was a tough one this, hope to see more later ingame ! and I am curious if at some point I will face repercussions because of my actions.
  2. Totally agree. Socks keep feet warm and warm feet keep people happy (unless stinky).
  3. It was not a complaint, it was merely a question why I get this message so often. Answer from PrimeJunta helps out a lot, thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue: Aloth is not able to use his Grimoire slam in my game anymore. The icon is greyed out and when hovering voer it reads that the ability is activated. It will not reset during rest. Can this be considered a bug?
  5. Hello! First of all, love this game so far. I am now exploring the depths of Caed Nua and just got down to level 5 of the dungeon. Now over the course of my journey, I have come across many beasts and other creatures out to kill me. Ofcourse, I won't go down without a fight so I engaged all those enemies. My problem there is, I have auto paused enabled on the "Weapon Ineffective" situation. This however happens basically on every single fight I am in multiple times. Now I wonder, and I like my chars to keep their main weapon and use it as much as possible, how to deal with this. Am I doing something wrong here, should I go and read every beastiary in order to engage with proper weapons? To be honest, I do not like the idea of changing weapons each time I go into a new fight , is this somehting that is really required?
  6. I don't consider it cheating, however since i have binded it to Mouse 3 button I catch myself having it pressed continiously.
  7. So how will this play out after some progression? I am lvl 4 with my Wizard and seriously considering to restart with a new character. So far, being a wizard has been kind of boring and not the experience I had hoped for. Basically with my current choses spells it is spamming the Grimoire bash, some magic missiles and the occasional necrotic lance. Will there be more variation? Will I be able to actually use AoE spells without the fear of FF (since right now, I just don't feel comfy by the friendly fire thing) ?
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