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Party targeting AI only good at attacking charmed party members



So, I swear I am always having to micro manage my party and their targets, otherwise they just stand around.  But it never fails if someone gets charmed, the whole party seems to think they will get a ****ing medal for beating down the charmed dude.  I have learned to go out of my way to retarget everyone when someone gets charmed but sometimes they ignore the order and attack/shoot/wand the charmed guy anyway.


Please code something where the party will not attack a charmed party member unless explicitly ordered to do so.

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Bumping this.  It never fails, my party tries to gib any other party member that gets charmed.  This needs to be fixed.  Party members should *never* auto attack charmed or confused party members.  


edit: What are the ways to remove charmed or confused status from your guys?  Suppress Affliction should, but it does not.

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I've had this happen, too. It's annoying.


I recall reading that casting a charm spell on a charmed party member will cancel the enemy charm effect. Haven't tested it. And it might give those severe charm penalties for the duration of the spell, so it might not be an ideal counterspell.

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