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Quest log (Journal) empty



Hi everyone,


I have been playing and fully enjoying PoE for the last couple of days. Last night I discovered that I had no entries in my Quest Log. The Journal seems to be updating (timeline and visions) but the Quest log is empty. I'm sure I have several ongoing quests. I loading a previous save and also tried quitting the game and starting again but the problem remains.


I am playing on a MacBook Pro 2013, OSX 10.9.5.

Processor  2,4 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory  8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Software  OS X 10.9.5 (13F1066)



The files are too large to attach here so below is a Dropbox link to a zip file containing my last save file, log file, and a screenshot showing my empty Quest log.




I'd appreciate any help!


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An update on this. I started a new character and then the quest log updates normally (for the new character). 


I tried uninstaliing the game and reinstalling it and transferring the save files but the result is the same. The problem turns out is even worse because not only the quest log is not updated, but the character doesn't get any XP from the quests either. So although I'm going through the storyline normally, the game engine fails to recognise neither that I'm receiving nor that I'm concluding quests. No wonder I got the stronghold and I was still level 1...


So, eventually I just started a new game with the same character build and game choices and did everything from scratch...At least I was not too far into the game...But definitely a very annoying, if not game breaking eventually, bug!

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Hello Soiram,


I apologize for the inconvenience. When I clicked on your dropbox link, the link is no longer working. I'm glad starting a new game resolved your issue, but I would still like to get your files so I can take a look. 


Did you purchase the game through Steam? If so, please verify your game cache if it happens again. 


Thank you for your support!

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