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The aforementioned Azurieth's Stiletto, purchased in Gilded Vale, is an absolute monster.  Crits from the Stiletto proc a full-featured Jolting Touch, which does 20-30 damage and which itself can crit.  I've seen a crit for 77 just from the proc!  How about building a Hearth Orlan Rogue with something like this?  The attributes aren't min-maxed but I'm sure you guys can fiddle with those on your own.  The only question is whether single- or dual-wielding is the best option for damage.



CON 10

DEX 18

PER 12

INT 10

RES 12


Blinding Strike

Reckless Assault

Dirty Fighting





Deflecting Assault

Vicious Fighting

Weapon Focus: Ruffian

One-Handed Weapon Style

Vulnerable Attack

Bloody Slaughter




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Well, you wanna crit a lot. The accuracy bonus from single wielding is probably going to be your friend.


That was my thought.  Plus, dual-wielding means that each weapon only hits once every 88 frames, whereas using it alone lets you swing every 56 frames with your weapon.

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So on further evaluation, it appears as if proc can occur once per encounter (per equipped weapon).  So when I had just one copy of Azureith's Stiletto equipped, I got one proc per encounter.  When I command console'd another onto my Rogue (strictly for testing!) I found that it would trigger twice, and looking at the timing, it was quite clear that each individual copy of the weapon had its own separate proc "tracker."


Basically, when I ran from one combat to another within 3-4s, I almost immediately got 2 procs after seeing 2 procs in the previous fight.  But in a prolonged fight (the spiders at the end of the intro dungeon), I only got a pair of procs despite swinging away for 10-15 seconds.  There were more than enough crits to see if I'd get more, given that I hacked the toon up to level 12 and 80ish Accuracy.


Seems like dual-wielding the stiletto with another proc weapon (e.g. Bleak Fang) is the most appropriate choice.


UPDATE -- Bleak Fang also seems to work this way.  I'm guessing all weapon procs are the same.

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Someone made a post about putting this stiletto on a high int/might barb and letting them just ransack people with it (since you can get carnage off the proc), and you could make it even sicker by putting it on the Fire Godlike tank barb build elsewhere in this forum. :D

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I'd think Misery's End + Oidhreacht would be better in any prolonged fight, if you want double Stiletto.  
I do think you shouldn't limit yourself to just one type, since there are so many different weapons with great enchants out there. 

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