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So Im just going to do a brief pros and cons of the more interesting builds ive tried along with key features:

Note-I run all builds on ironman path of the dammed so they should all work on lower difficulties as well


4 Rangers, 1 priest, one chanter:


You can form a wall with your pets and make your rangers into glass cannons, chanter and priest in the middle so make them relatively tanky this build relies on high single target dps to pick off mobs when they reach your outer 'wall'.



very high DPS output

great at taking down bosses

your front line is 4 wide so this works well both in dungeons and open terrain



Pets (even bears) drop relatively fast so this build relies on plenty of healing

once the first wall is breached all hunters lose 20 accuracy and so the fight better be near over

lacks a real tank


Key features-

Large single target dps needs to be focused to take out enemies before they break through your front line, a chanter cycling healing and arrows is best to maximise DPS and help heal the front line.


4 chanters, 1 priest, 1 other:


This build relies on your chanters being as tanky as you can make them, as long as they survive the first 12 seconds of a fight its usually GG as 4 phantoms have a huge DPS and unlimited HP (as you can just replace them when they die for free)



Good DPS once summons are up

Allows you to run pretty much every chant at the same time

Fun to try



To make chanters tanky enough you have to get the points from somewhere

Chants do not stack so it can be hard to get the most out of each chanter

The first 12 seconds of any fight can be very difficult


Key features-

rely on summons to do your damage and to soak up damade, lets you sit back and watch the action. Two tricks with this build involve the use of the speed chant to pull and kite mobs until the summons are up and the use of summons at the end of an easy fight to go pull more mobs, both of these tricks allow the fight to start with all four summons active.


2 paladins, 1 chanter, 2 ciphers, 1 druid


A build ive only just started playing but has a lot of promise. Watch out for casters as they will target your very weak back line, however if you successfully protect you back line your ciphers can decimate any foes you fight. This is especially powerful in dungerons and chokepoints.



Ciphers destroy pretty much anything they attack

Druid provides utility/healing/more damage as needed

paladins with lay on hands can soak up lots of damage

Chanter can adapt as needed



If anyone gets past your front line its pretty much GG


Key features:

this is very much an all or nothing build, either your back line will shred enemies with no trouble at all or will get caught by some stray fireball and die. You get very good results from this build but it takes a decent amount of skill to pull off



Ill add more builds as i try them

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I ran something similar to your last group, with a melee TWF rogue and a tanky monk in place of the duplicate characters. Worked pretty well.

I doubled up on paladin and cipher because IMO paladins are basically rocks, they soak dmg but dotn deal much at all, and ciphers easily top the dps chart but are squishy as hell, ive found monks to be very underwhelming both as tanks and as dps

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