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[BUG] Kana Rua Roster change bug




Whenever Kana is swapped out from the main party to the bench, he will get removed and appear naked in the barracks. When his slot is replaced by any other companion (created or noncreated alike), the replacement character will show up in place of Kana, but out of the party selection screen, the switch did not take place whatsoever. The game still registers Kana to be in the party after the switch has been made. 


The ramifications of this is obviously how I am unable to swap Kana out with anybody, hence breaking the enjoyment of the game to a large degree. 




I have tried this with every other character, but this affects Kana only. The only time I have successfully swapped Kana out of the group was when I created a new character at a bar. However, Kana appears places where he shouldn't be. He shown up at the 3rd floor of the Endless paths and stands idle at the pit. He is attackable, and when killed, both Kana and one of my characters that I have active in my party of 6 also dies with him. 


While I cannot reproduce this problem, I did notice that this bug is retroactive. My previous saves with Kana also breaks the game. Once I have replicated the Kana bug, Kana will appear as a naked, interactive NPC with dialogue options as if he was situated at Brightwood. No party swapping can occur from that point onwards and party management is effectively broken retroactively in all my saves. Verifying the game cache integrity seem to be able to undo the damage done by replicating it. 


NOTE - This save also has the brightwood/gilded vale inn blackscreen bug in which going into those areas will lead to a blackscreen with sound playing as normal and a functioning cursor, but I cannot see anything on my screen whatsoever. The permanent insect swarm bug is found here as well. 





Output Log



System Specs

OS X Yosemite 

iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011)

Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Startup Disk - Macintosh HD

Graphics - AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB

Serial Number C02G56QYDHJF




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The same is happening to me.


If I kick Kana from the party it appears naked at the Great Hall and the roster change system starts not working properly. Tried to swap everyone else and it tells me that I am alone but nothing changes, still can play with the 5 characters. Somehow managed to get Kana back to the party and all the changes to his inventory that i made were gone and had only his starting items.

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I hadn't had this problem until just now, and wasn't aware of it. I went back to Cad Nua in Act III, swapped out Durance for Kana, loaded Kana up with fresh equipment since I hadn't used him in a while, and left Cad Nua. I got a notice as I exited the area that Kana had left the party, and sure enough, when I reached my next zone (the bridge north of Defiance Bay), he was gone.


When I returned to Cad Nua, he was not available in the party select screen. I don't see him on the map, but I'd hate to have lost the items. Guess I'll be going back an hour of game play to my last save when I have a little more patience.

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