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The post of appreciation of Obsidian's efforts

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This is exactly the kind of game they promised and I'm happy to say that they delivered. Above all what has consistently impressed me the most is the music (Great Job Justin Bell and co.!). I also love getting caught up in the quest lines and the companions are very well done. The main villain seems incredibly cool and I can't wait to discover more (just finished the Sanitarium part of Defiance Bay). The combat is fun but sometimes too drastic. I hate shades, shadows, and spectres, but most other enemies have seemed fair to me. Tactics are definitely what determines a fight that you have to reload vs a fight that you win using some spells. There are some trash fights too, but that's OK. I feel like I've been leveling at a good pace, if anything I wish there was a mode so you leveled more slowly. I'm about to hit level 7 with most of my party. That's a minor quibble though.


Overall, I can't wait to play more, beat the game, try again with different options, get patches to fix what few things aren't perfect, and then start drooling over the expansion (and inevitable sequel!).

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