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My own portraits are blurry



1. I have an image 210x330. I cut a part of it (190x240) and resize it to 76x96.

In game image is blurry (the smallest one 44x56)


2. Steps

Do as above and put your file 210x330 named test1_lg.png and test1_sm.png to the folder portraits/player/male and then run game create a character and pick your portrait


Attached file




EDIT: In char sheet and equipment page everything is looking perfect

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Hello Noer,

The problem could be that your image is to low resolution; causing blurriness. Otherwise could be the image editing program your using has a terrible resizing algorithm. Either way post the source image and I'll see if I can do better with Photoshop. The artist or where you got the image might be useful as well; to see if a larger resolution image can be found.


Edit: For some reason the forum not letting me image post; just pm me the file if your having the same problem friend.



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The best way to avoid these types of problems is to do the following:

Open up one of obisian's portraits in your image editor.

Paste your image on top

Resize as necessary

Then "save as" with a new name.


This means if there are any special formatting options they will be applied to your image. It also ensures that the dimensions are exactly right (if you are using an advanced program like photoshop).

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