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minor formation problem



I have selected the triangle formation for my group.

When I enter a new area, my group stands not as triangle but as double row (the first option in the formation menu).

I mean ::: instead of < (rotate this by 90°)

When I click somewhere they use the triangle formation.


When I click on the ground, sometimes my group does not use the desired formation but something different. This happens rarely with one of the standard formation, but it happens often with formations I created myself.


Of course, in all of these cases there was enough free space for all chars to stand in the selected formation.


I call this a minor problem, because unlike IWD there were no situations where you are surrounded by many enemies as soon as you enter a new area (at least it did not happen for me until now). In such a case it would be deadly if suddenly your wizard is in the front position when you selected your fighter as leader.

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I've been using triangle formation pretty constantly. At some point, it seemed to...degrade. It didn't look like rows formation, it might have been...the pentagon one...but I don't know for sure, it just looked like a couple guys were out of true. At first I assumed it was a matter of space to move, but I noticed it in open spaces also. Then my main char nearly died because I hadn't noticed that the degraded formation had her near the front, which implies that they weren't simply out of true, they were actually in a different formation, but I'm still not *certain*.


In any event, switching to another formation and back fixed it immediately.

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