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Bug: Permanent Blinded Status on Main Character



After a fight, several of my group members acquired the "Blinded" status; with "0.5X Graze" explanation text.


This status did not vanish after the end of the combat, or after resting with camping supplies or at an inn.


I managed to get rid of the status effect on secondary characters by dismissing and recruiting them at Caed Nua.


However the status effect does not vanish on my main character.

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same problem, recently got the scepter parts in shore of the big city, wasn't blinded before.

here is the save file



after a close observation, the blinded effect does not really apply, it is just the icon there


I have the same problem. My party is "cured" but my main char has the blinded symbol.

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Steam, Beta version 1.04, No Mods, Act 2 - Ondra's Gift at the Lighthouse during The Wailing Banshee quest



not sure if necessary but...


Windows 7 64 bit

Intel 5820 OC @ 4.3 Mhz

16G DDR4 24000



Noticed after fighting shades, shadows and specters. I did cast Warding Seal (3rd Level Priest) with Durance which did not seem to expire even once leaving the lighthouse. After the lighthouse evolved, Warding Seal was no longer present. Still have issues with blindness icons.


Player made companion does have the note of (Graze x 0.5) as tool tip of the blinded.

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