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[Spoilers] How do you progress in Aloth's quest?

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I'm having trouble with his quest, since it doesn't show up in the journal but it fails if Aloth dies or when you progress to act 3. I have tried talking to him a lot but he never has anything new to say, and I had him in my party for most of act 1 and a lot of act 2, but I didn't get any updates on it. Is the quest bugged? The quest can't be in Twin Elms for sure, since it fails if you get to Act 3 without doing it?

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Spoil regarding Act 2, no spoil regarding Act 3 and further.



Although I don't remember when Aloth quest triggers, you complete it simply by bringing him for a consultation at the sanatorium. Aloth side-story progress during the main quest of Act 2 and right after you start Act 3, you learn more about him, why he was at gilded vale and stuff. So basically, yeah, Aloth quest requires to be completed (and triggered) before Act 3 because after Act 2 the sanatorium burns down.


Qu'avez-vous fait de l'honneur de la patrie ?

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You need to bring Aloth with you when you're doing "Never Far from the Queen" main quest in the catacombs, after you come out of the tunnel, Aloth will apologize for freaking out  inside the catacombs. Its after all those events that his quest is started.

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From what I found on a French site the quest start indeed just after the end of  "Never Far from the Queen". When I was doing this quest, Aloth was on a mission from the fortress.


So I suppose that now it is impossible to start the Aloth quest? I tried to return to the sewer system or to the sanatorium but nothing happens.




Thank you.

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