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Do Ciphers have many AoE spells?

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I've seen a couple of builds which indicate Int is a very important stat for Ciphers. So does anyone know if they have a number of AoE spells? Is that why Int is highly recommended or is it mainly for the duration bonus? Cheers!


EDIT: Weird. I just started a Cipher with high int (18). I tried using one of the AoE powers (Soul Shock) but I don't see extra AoE indicator from the Int bonus. Is it working, can any Ciphers give some advice. Thanks.

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Basically it's amazing for both duration and radius.  Duration more so, but I'd say out of the 5 most used Cipher talents I used, only one of them was single target.  The rest really took advantage of the intellect radius, or well they would have if intellect wasn't bugged.


Intellect is absolutely the most important stat for ciphers, it must be max'd.   

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AoE is good for several spells, including one available at level 1.


Duration is amazing. Cipher has several great CC spells, including the borderline OP Mental Binding, and more duration is always welcome.


It's definitely up there with Might and Dex as the top Cipher stats. Mine has a base of 17 and performs very well indeed.

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