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Possibly bug regarding fighter selecting 'Defender' ability

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Hi all, 


This is my first post so please let me know if this is in the wrong place or if I am just brain dead. My main character is a fighter. I also have Eder in my party. I have been able to select the 'defender' talent on leveling up Eder - but that talent is never an option on my main character. Am I missing something? It just isn't there. My character is level 3 going up to 4 and I have not seen that talent since I started the game as available to my main character. Any advice would be welcome. 



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You must of missed it got it on my main that's a fighter at lv 2 or 3

I have the game paused right now because I just don't get it - do you mean if I didn't select that ability once I hit level 2, it just isn't available to me anymore? 

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