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Not far into the game. But the more I play the worst my opinion gets. Combat is too fast, spell casting is too slow..so many unbalances that i hope are fixed soon. I  think we all..me included got a little over hyped. RIght now..this is a 5/10 game IMO. I hope we have a patch soon to fix alot of issues.

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It is almost the same as in BG2 .


If you were good in that game the average combat was usually too short to cast high level spells unless the adversary was a spell caster himself or some unique creature like a beholder.


I haven't play that much in POE but the combat does feel around the same length.


But I do agree with you that they should balance the game a little bit...


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I don't understand the purpose of this post. Are you holding out for a patch which will make it the game that you wanted?


I for one agree, I'm still playing of course, but combat has some pretty serious imbalances. I don't feel that spellcasting is too slow, but combat is definitely too fast. the damage disparity between light and heavy weapons is massive. Combat is HEAVILY weighted towards DPS. Many useless abilities, MANY useless talents. Parts of the game system feel like they missed their final balance pass. The underlying concepts are good, DT, weapon types, they just need to give it a once over.



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