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Thanks Obsidian - Loving this game! [Merged]

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Hehe yeah.


I'm finding these "IS POOP BECAUSE ISN'T AS GOOD AS THE GREATEST CRPG OF ALL TIEM!" posts rather amusing actually.


No, the writing isn't as good as PS:T's at its best.

No, the encounter design isn't as good as BG2's at its best.

No, the exploration isn't as rich as in BG1. 

No, the dungeon crawls aren't as well-structured as in IWD.


But the writing is way better than IWD, BG1, or (IMO) BG2.

And the encounter design is way better than in BG1 or PS:T.

And the exploration is way better than IWD or PS:T.

And the dungeon crawls are way better than BG1 (possible exception for expansion dungeons aside).


And... it's a relatively low-budget Kickstarted game developed from scratch in two years. The fact that it's even worth comparing to these classics in the very areas which made them classics is a pretty damn huge deal. It's like reviewing somebody's debut novel and saying "Well, it's not quite as good as Dostoevsky at his best."

Very much this.


As a side note, I don't even want to compare PoE to BG as I feel it wouldn't be entirely fair. I mean, when I see cRPGs inspired by tabletop games, I divide it on three parts in my head: ruleset, setting and campaign. All three require enormous amount of work poured into them to be good. BG had first two already done and developed for decades before its development started, PoE is whole from scratch. Yes, ruleset has some nasty problems, regarding class design primarily; yes, dungeons in campaign are varying from ok to meh, stronghold's redundant, encounter design is mediocre at best and xp balance is plain not there. But it's still an astonishing job Obs did in 2,5 years with 4,5 million dollars, and the game is FUN to play.


Now, that Obs have their base and can divert their attention more on campaign rather than anything else, I expect PoE 2 to be a complete mindblowing. :)

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None yet because they have to finish the card game first. It was strongly suggested that the next project would be a crpg based in golarion realm.

The thought of having pregens as optional companions and given a personality to them, iwd style create a full party at beginning of pathfinder classes, or maybe even a multiplayer game where u play modules or full campaigns of published material. Ahh the possibilities the future can bring lol.

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i want to say thanks to obsidian as well, 


i think this is a hard genre to penetrate, its not very welcoming to noobs & its old-fashioned. yet PoE has kept me engaged & coming back, i really am loving it. i hadnt even heard about it until the 'controversial' stuff that idc about made some news. it was selling for a good price at GoG & i decided to take the plunge.  im very glad i did, the only other RPGs ive played are the v popular ones like dragon age & the witcher, but i was really let down by DAI. i found this game so good i was wondering how i couldve disliked DAI as it was just like this but shinier...went back to DAI & remembered very quickly lol. great job guys you have rly changed my perspective on gaming! thanks

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