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Bit to slick yer breeches, scholar lad

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I think he flirting with him about giving him a BJ...  Just my first impression of that odd remark..


Karas response is "what?"


Then aloth says oh nothing  nevermind or somethign like that...lol


Really seems like a flirtatious remark...I have had gay people say things like this to me before, seeing as how Im a "Pretty Boy"  as several of my gay friends put it lol :blink:

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I know this is old but this is almost certainly an offer to perform a sex act for money.
"The word bit is a colloquial expression referring to specific coins in various coinages throughout the world"

and slick yer britches... well to make something slick is to make it wet and britches are breeches, i.e. those like half legging things.

It's literally Iselmyr offering to perform sex acts on Kana for money, which is why Kana is described thusly afterwards:

"Kana's face flushes, his golden-brown skin going a ruddy shade. 'I beg your pardon?"

Then of course Aloth, being a very reserved a proper person, is mortified and says "nothing, I said nothing!"

It's a fun exchange and good writing.

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