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Need some Advice for allocating Skillpoints

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first: I'm right now 4 hours into the game and it looks really amazing so far. Seems I discovered a new game genre for my taste.

Now I got some questions about the skills or how to allocate them:


  1. Does the needed skill level in conversations and scripted situations (e.g. climbing a wall) only consider the main char? So pumping e.g. athletics for some companion wouldn't help me with this stuff?
  2. Is the lore skill cumulative? So is it recommended to give every companion at least a bit lore to get more info about the enemies or is it more efficient to pump only one character to a very loreful person?
  3. Which skills would you recommend for the main character in general? Or which ones are you personally using? Which can be better ceded for the companions?
  4. Should I either level every skill at least a bit or is it more recommended to focus on 1-2 skills?

I know that there isn't "the answer" like 42, but I just want to hear some opinions. It's my very first time playing a RPG game like Pillars of Eternity - maybe thats why I'm that unsure about the skill points allocation.



Thank you much for any input!

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1. In conversations it you that does the talking always, but for that i think that only Lore may be helpfull. Conversations usually use more attributes than skills.

In scripted situations you can sometimes send companions to do stuff.


2. You don't get enemy info from Lore if im not mistaken. Its from fighting that certain enemy that gains you info about them in the bestiary. But lore could be usefull for anyone you want to use scrolls.


3. Depends on your class, but they all have benefits for everyone


4. I would say its best to focus hard on 1-2 skills per character. Every rank takes more skill points to raise so it would be wiser that way.

Make one with high mechanics for spotting traps and disarming them. Maybe one with high athletics. And so on....

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1) Conversation checks are main character only, it will check your stats / class / skills mainly stats however. Actions where you try to climb something in most if not all cases allow you to pick a main character to climb and help the others over. Also there are items to help you do thes ethings.


2)Lore is for conversation? (don't quote me on it) and the ability to use scrolls. I think you get more information about the creatures you fight when you kill more and more of them.


3)Depends... You should try to have one character that can open locks and disarm / spot traps. Then it depends on how much you want to sneak around. Also but i could be wrong but the athletic one also makes you require less sleep so thats good.


4)Hard to say but yeah you should try to focus characters on the things you want them to do.

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Thanks for your responses.


Then I will take one companion with high athletics to help me passing some environment obstacles and one with high mechanics for traps/locks. For my main character (ranged cipher) I'm still not sure yet - maybe some stealth,  athletics and focus on lore.



But regarding the lore:

"Lore represents a character's accumulated miscellaneous knowledge and trivia, often of occult or esoteric topics. In combat, it helps characters learn about enemy defenses and capabilities. Each time a character attacks an enemy, their Lore skill helps contribute to revealing their defenses and, for common enemies, filling in their Bestiary entries."

Source: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Lore


As I understand with a high lore skill you get more/faster information about the enemy per attack.



-- EDIT:

I've just checked the in game description and it's different from the Wiki. So, seems that the lore function has changed. Hmm, good to know - that way I wouldn't had pushed my char already to 6 lore.  :facepalm:  :biggrin:


One more question: Is it useful to have more than one character at one time to use scrolls / place traps? Or is one char for each ability already sufficient?

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