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Can't obtain Stronghold or get into Caed Nua



I hope this is the right place to post this.  I'm honestly not sure if I've found an actual bug or just an example of a poorly-placed NPC.  But I don't seem to be able to claim my stronghold and progress the story.


I've just defeated Raedrick and helped his cousin take the throne, per the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest (and had killed Osrya and saved Giacco at Nedmar's behedst).  I searched Raedrick's Keep up and down, every level, and no one there would talk to me, including Kolsc in the throne room (he just tells me "Forgive me friend, there is much to do," doesn't even enter the conversation menu).  My journal shows the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest to be completed.


So the next big to-do on my list is to go back to Caed Nua and talk to this Maerwald guy everyone's on about.  But when I get there (entering the Caed Nua area from the West), there is no way to actually ENTER the place.  There's clearly a door there just two steps South of where I found Kana earlier, but it's not clickable and an hour of scouring around the West and Northwest areas (the only ones I can reach) turn up no other means of entry.


Okay... so maybe I have to enter from the South, go around the map and follow the road leading North towards Caed Nua.  Except there doesn't seem to be a way to get to the area South of Caed Nua yet; there's a bridge out.  So scratch that idea.


Looking around online, it seems that someone back at Raedrick's Keep was supposed to give me Caed Nua as my stronghold; I'm assuming after that happens I'm able to actually enter the place.  But I can find no one at Raedrick's Keep who'll give me this option.  Checked back with Nedmar, nope.  Talked to Kolsc again, still no dialog apart from saying he can't talk to me.


The journal entries are all ambiguous and unhelpful, so I can't tell if I've missed a step somewhere or if I've truly broken the game somehow.  All's I know is, I have to get into Caed Nua to progress the game's story, and there seems to be no means of doing so.  Can anyone please advise?

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Haha I spent like 20 minutes before I figured out you just walk through the main gate - there's no door clicking, you just need to find the ground to click and march forward. Is that the problem? I wondered if I was alone keke


Also I blame Kana for whining about how he can't get in.

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Edit: Oh now I get what you mean.. yeah there is no door, just click on ground and they will move through the gate. Bad angle ;)


In Caed Nua you need to enter the gray tower building on top of the map. There is statue at the end of the hall and you can talk to the statue which will solve your issue. 
I dont think Raedrics quest is related to obtaining Caed Nua (I didnt do Raedric because of bugs, but I have stronghold)
Marked by no. 5 on this map


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Wow, thank you for the quick responses, guys!


This fixed my "issue," you bet.  It simply wasn't obvious on the half-covered map that if I moved my mouse cursor far enough into the blacked-out area on the right and clicked, my party would walk right through that gate.


Stratosj, pdmk, thank you both!

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