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First level of stronghold dungeon?

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Not really a spoiler, but more of a little help.

How do you get past the shimmering door on the first floor dungeon below your stronghold. I ended up finding a key, but not really sure if it correlates with the shimmering door. 




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To be able to progress you need to find the person you came looking for. He is behind a locked door that require a key from one of the... small creatures (cant remember the name), The door that require a key is next to the stairs.


The shimmering "door" / wall. Is in the lower right area of the map. When you walk up next to it your character will want to go back and talk to the soul in the statue / throne.

Don't do that yet, instead find the person you are looking for.


Once that is done you can then return back up and then things will happen and you will get some information and the shimmering door will be removed.

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