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Sneaking: Maybe a bit excessive?

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I may be getting some lines crossed, or misunderstanding something, but from my understanding of it so far;


So - there are secrets, and items, etc, placed about the world that you can only detect while sneaking (+ skill). That's fine and all, and I can see why sneaking is a good way to go in dungeons, etc. But, out and about in towns and cities, as well. You're basically being pinholed into playing in sneak/fast mode for most of the game. To be able to find those things.


I dunno, it seems a bit excessive, or overkill from a design/gameplay perspective, to me. I've basically only left sneak mode during dialogs, and back tracking so far.


I know there are a lot of far more technical problems having priority atm, but I still thought this was maybe worth a mention.

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