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Correcting silly strategy guide errors?

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I really like the strategy guide, but it has multiple small errors that irritate me greatly. For instance, on page 369 of the PDF it has the table of weapon enchantments where it insists that the weapon quality order is Exceptional, Fine, and Superb that give +2, +8, and +12 accuracy (respectively) and +25% damage per level as well. The individual listings for the weapons are accurate, which makes it more than a little baffling. In the stronghold section it also gets the prestige and security bonuses wildly wrong for numerous upgrades (pg 35) and is missing wages for the Glanfathan Soul Hunter (pg 37). I'm sure there are other errors, but I'm not going through the PDF with a fine-toothed comb.


Are these going to get fixed? More importantly, are they also in the print version?

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They are in the print version and strat guide errors pretty much never get fixed in my experience, or if they do its in an online errata post that comes out after you are done with the game.


I still buy guides for RPGs because I love offline content and lore for my RPGs.  But they are just a bad investment and I need to stop doing it.

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