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Can you guys help me...I'm freaking out...



So I'm sure everyone has heard about the inventory bug...where if you double click something it knocks your stats out...passive or what have you. 


Well, it does knock my Paladins buff out, but I can simply just reapply it. What I don't know is if there are certain racial abilities I'm missing now. I don't remember what I used to have so I don't know if something is missing. Can someone help me break it down and figure out if something should be there that isn't. I'm a Human Wayfarer Paladin from the Savannah. Is there an ability that comes with that that I'm now missing? Is there a way I can check the passive abilities I should have and see if theyre active on my characters? I can reapply Zealous Endurance, no problem, but if there is other stuff that should be there that I can't get back I need to know so I can start this over (I'm 13 hours in so I'm praying there is good news).


If I'm correct, I can just dismiss and recruit my other characters to make sure they're good (I did that with my fighter, he didn't lose his inventory so I'm clear on that bug).


Any help is appreciated. If this sounds panicked, well, it's because I am. I keep 8 save files, but they're deep now, so there's no going back without restarting. Thanks again. 

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Yes, just dismiss and recruit to work around the bug for all your party members. 


The stuff that gets effected is the kind of abilities that you should always have, not the abilities that you can manually apply. So Defender (the fighter's modal ability) isn't affected, but Gunner (the talent that gives you reload time bonus) would be. 


No idea about Human Wayfarer Paladin / Savannah specifically, you should check the manual / wiki.

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