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Hi, I'm wondering is this game moddable? If yes then is there some "Construction Kit" of a sort? I'd really want to lay my hands on it and create port from baldurs gate and create different classes, like a death knight or sorcerer or create some bg2 items like vecna robes (++ casting speed) or even some crazy spells like time stop or accelerate. Wondering if thats possible.

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No mod-kit...the best Obsidian has mentioned, I believe, is that they aren't/won't make the game purposely difficult to mod.


So modding is possible, but it won't be a simple/easy thing like a Construction Kit, and will likely be limited in scope as to what is possible.

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I want a mod that makes wizard spell teirs 1-2 per encounter at level 4 and 6 respectively (rather than 9 and 11),


and also Wild-Shape gains another encounter use every 3 levels and make the dmg scale better with talents if you wanted to spec that way.

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