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Sure-Handed Ila Knocked Her Arrows is ridiculously OP

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Well, it requires your chanter to be near your ranged attackers, so it theoretically renders a lot of other chants useless. Of course, in practice this really doesn't matter at all, since chanting only one chant is perfectly fine. To be honest, I think the whole chant/phrase system needs another balance pass.

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A chanter with crazy intelligence and good tactical use of positioning can pump out a chant aura to the whole team. Just requires you not use the chanter on the front line, and in the middle of the party. Choosing this chant means you are using 1/2 of your core kit on just ranged attacks. Nothing crazy. If so, it requires you go Ranged heavy to make use of it. Completely utilizing 1/2 of the chants you can have active, and at least half your party on ranged attacks. 

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Best party, 6 selfmade chanter.


Two of them, Tank specced, level 12 tank chanter have only 60 endurance and 400 health less than warrior tanks, by little higher defence stats overall.


4 other chanter for the rest, range damage.


All of 6 bring there own small little dragon with 260 endurance, 2 knock down, and 1 little cone of fire. It needs 5 chants to resummon them. To get again 2 knock down, and 1 little cone of fire.


If you look to phases, you see how 6 chanter buff and debuff themself into oblivion...


Think the easies "path of doom" group.

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i just gave Kana this skill and i dont even have to use any other abilities anymore, just spam auto attack (i have 2 gun users in party),yawn and loot, rinse and repeat, it's ridiculous


playing on hard btw and I'm seriously thinking about killing Kana since all challenge is gone from the game because of this stupid skill, i hope he isnt too important for the plot


P.S. wondering how this game-breaking ability made it past beta in its current form, propably not many people played chanters. It should be 1.2x reload speed, not 2x

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