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experience explained, please?

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I was just wondering if anyone has figured out exactly how experience works? 

I just finished a quest and got the following message:

Party gained 1188 experience.

Total quest experience 2376.


What does the "total quest xp" mean? Is that just a tally of all the experience I got during the quest? Does that include combats and XP for minigames already listed? And if so, how does the game handle it if I kill stuff related to other quests while this one is active? Or is it only a tally of the minigames/interactive sotries that are related to the quest?


Also I have seen a couple of times the xp tally showing something like:

you gained 67/245 experience point. What does that mean?


Hope you guys can help me out! 

Thanks in advance!

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For your first question, I'm pretty sure its just reporting the current stage's quest exp and then the total experience awarded for the Quest. It won't include combat XP.


There is no general combat XP award as far as I know. There is a limited amount of XP you get for killing beasts as you learn about them by fighting them and fill out the bestiary.  


you gained 67/245 experience point. What does that mean?


Every type of creature you fight (ie bear, wolf etc) has a progression in the bestiary. When you receive 100% XP (in your example that would be 245 points in total) you no longer get experience for fighting that animal type.


I'm curious about the NPC levelling as well. Do they gain XP awards if they are not on the roster?

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