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Bug: 3rd weapon set



When I reached the stronghold, Kana joined my group. As racial talent he has a 3rd weapon set. (I play in german and I hope he has the same name in english. It is the chanter companion.)


When I select a different character (with 2 weapon sets), I see 3 weapon sets and the 3rd one is Kanas. When I select weapon set 3, nothing happens with the selected char and Kana equips his 3rd weapon set.


expected behaviour:

When you select a char, you should only see all weapon sets of this char. This should be independent of how many weapon sets other chars have. When selecting a char, you should never see the weapon sets of another char.



I play the german gog version on windows 7.

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I've experienced the same bug starting with an Island Aumaua. After a couple of saves I suddenly lost the extra weapon slot while the weapons are still in place.

Tried reloading from the main menu and restarting the game but the bug is now persistent.

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