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RFE: Shows precise information on weapon attack speed



I assumed that the labels like "slow" and "average" are categories, i. e. two average weapons have the same attack speed. It turns out that's wrong, the weapons have individual attack speeds, and the labels can be quite misleading. Like, a slower-average weapon can be closer in attack speed to a faster-slow weapon than to a faster-average weapon.


Two suggestions for what to show at least on the weapon cards, but if possible, also on the character sheet's left side box:

- Attacks per minute (APM). Two values, just like with damage: base with 10 Dex and no bonuses or maluses applied, actual with everything taken into account (Talents, de/buffs, etc.).


-- Attack time and recovery time shown in seconds. Four values, base and actual for both.


This is crucial information, it must be displayed.

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